Affordable Luxury Stay In Montreal – Hotel Alt Montreal Canada

Colorful and stylish Hotel Alt Montreal Canada is located in the heart of the Old Montreal and in the neighborhood of Griffintown. An amazing location adds more color in its beauty as its backdrop has various iconic and stunning old buildings of the town. You will find each and everything near this hotel including pharmacy, restaurants, bars, and tourist attractions.

Hotel Alt Canada owners:

The owner of Germain Hotels more than a decade ago decided to expand the chain of her hotels. She with her brother Jean-Yves opens this hotel and ensures that it provides an affordable luxury stay to the guests in this historical city of Montreal.

Restaurants near the Hotel Alt Montreal Canada:

You will not find a restaurant in the Hotel Alt Montreal Canada. But it is not an issue and no one care about it because there are various restaurants opened in its surroundings. Le Fantom, Hvor, ZIBO Griffintown, Subway, Industrial Pizzeria + Bar, Pizzeria Redipizza, Kaito Café, La Bete a Pain, Allo Velo Café, and many more. These restaurants have different specialties and can satisfy the needs of the people. Enjoy the food in these roadside restaurants with the amazing views of the city.

Hotel Alt Montreal Canada offers:

To add more pleasure and comfort in your trip the Hotel Alt Montreal Canada offers you different packages. For a large number of people of business colleagues or friends there are group packages that offer you delicious food and one-night comfortable stay. The hotel also offers you leisure packages that are designed with the concept to treat yourself. With this package you can make your stay more relaxing and comfortable. It includes breakfast package, parking, and Bota Bota Spa thermal experience. While Special offers include ALT gift cards, best business and price ratio in Montreal, and most importantly a free Wi-Fi connection.

Hotel Alt Montreal Canada gym:

A well-maintained and well-equipped gym is open 24/7. You can go there and can do various exercises to burn your carbs and to remain fit and active during your stay at the hotel. The equipment and machines include spin bike, treadmill, balls, multi-station machine, elliptical trainer, and so on.

Hotel Alt Montreal Canada parking:

An underground parking facility is available for the visitors. You do not need to pay a fixed price for parking your vehicle for few hours or for a day. For parking your car for half an hour costs you just $4, for maximum 12 hours you have to pay $ 15.50 and for a whole day you have to pay $ 26. Now you can park your car in the parking and can explore the city on foot.

Hotel Alt Montreal Canada contact details:

The Hotel Alt Montreal Canada is located at the 120 Peel Street Montreal (Quebec) H3C 0L8. The contact number of the hotel is 1 855 823-8120. You can also e-mail them for reservations and queries at [email protected] and their official website address is You can contact them through any mean even on their twitter account or Facebook page. To contact with them is now not a big deal. The staff answers your queries within few minutes.